Jordan Inc. DBA PACE Arkansas is a third party administrator for Pulaski Commercial PACE Program.  The company exists to market, administer and finance local PACE projects, and help PACE stakeholders benefit from the PACE financing.


At PACE Arkansas our priority is to understand our clients’ goals and requirements and offer them the best solution(s) for their needs. Our mission is to help property owners and developers accomplish their business goals. Our clients most common business goals include:

  • Attract customers by making their properties energy-efficient
  • Fill the gap in their capital stack
  • Decrease the cost of capital by replacing partner equity with low-cost funding

The Team

Jordan Haas /Pulaski PACE Administrator & PACE Equity  Arkansas Market Partner/

Munko Jamsran /Pulaski PACE Administrator & PACE Equity Market Associate/

William Payne /Pulaski PACE Administrator & PACE Little Rock Market Leader/

PA and PE logo

PACE Arkansas & PACE Equity Partnership

 In order to make the PACE financing accessible, affordable and make the financing process smooth and efficient for our clients, PACE Arkansas partners with PACE Equity LLC – a national turnkey service provider for commercial PACE projects. With extensive experience developing commercial energy projects leveraging PACE financing and evangelizing PACE throughout the United States. By utilizing PACE Equity’s turnkey approach to PACE projects, building owners and developers across the country work with PACE Equity on renovation, re-development and new construction projects. PACE Equity has a local presence in seventeen PACE markets nationally and a $300M capital facility to fund its projects. For more information on PACE Equity,  visit www.pace-equity.com.